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A Fraudster in the Forest

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A Fraudster in the Forest

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Quest giver
New Gridania (X:12.1, Y:13.2)
Experience 51,480
Gil 1,273
Previous quest
Blood on the Deck
Next quest
Tears in the Snow

Musosai is looking for your help to look for Momozigo.

— In-game description


  • Gather information at the aetheryte plaza.
  • Report to Musosai.
  • Speak with Vorsaile Heuloix.
  • Look for Momozigo in the North Shroud.
  • Rescue Momozigo.
  • Look for Momozigo.
  • Speak with Momozigo.
  • Speak with Musosai in Ishgard.


  • Musosai is looking for your help to look for Momozigo.
  • Momozigo has yet to return since leaving earlier, and Musosai worries that he may have fallen prey to evil in the course of seeking it out. Your master bids you help him search for your Lalafell companion; perhaps someone at the aetheryte plaza has seen him.
  • You learn to your dismay that Momozigo has been apprehended by the Order of the Twin Adder. Musosai, over at the Knot, will wish to know of this without delay.
  • Neither you nor Musosai can imagine what may have happened to lead to Momozigo's arrest. There is naught to do but seek the answer at the Adders' Nest.
  • According to Commander Heuloix, Momozigo was wanted in Gridania for the crime of embezzlement, and so was taken into custody on sight. That custody, however, did not last long, and the showmaster has fled into the North Shroud. He was last seen heading in the direction of Proud Creek, a known haunt of the Ixal. You must find your friend before he falls foul of the beastmen.
  • You arrive just in time to save Momozigo from an angry band of Ixal. The area thus secured, you step forward to offer him a hand.
  • No sooner do you reach out to Momozigo than he bolts off deeper into the forest. Whatever possessed him to do so, you had best find him again before he crosses the path of more Ixals.
  • After a brief pursuit, you manage to catch up to Momozigo, who confesses that he kept the payment he received for a canceled performance in order to pay off a debt. Seeing his genuine remorse, Musosai symbolically excises the evil within him. After Momozigo departs to settle affairs with the authorities, Musosai's exertions catch up with him and he spends a moment on his knees. Finding his feet, he reveals to you his other purpose for coming to Eorzea: to hunt down a Hingan fugitive named Kogarashi. For now, however, he bids you strike the matter from your mind, and sets out to join Momozigo at the Knot in Gridania.
  • Having returned the embezzled money and offered a heartfelt apology, Momozigo has been let off the hook. With that, you may resume your quest to right wrongs, and your little party sets off on its way to snowswept Ishgard.
    • ※In order to travel to Ishgard, you must first complete the main scenario quest Main Scenario QuestComing to Ishgard.