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A Convenient Distraction

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A Convenient Distraction

A Convenient Distraction Image.JPG
Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:12.1, Y:17.3)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Required items
1 Golden Medallion.png  Voeburt Gold Piece
Experience 226,080
Gil 914
Previous quest
The Truth Hurts
Next quest
A Dirty Job

Thancred is tired of waiting around.

— In-game description



  • Thancred is tired of waiting around.
  • No sooner do you inform Thancred you are ready to leave than he makes southward toward Nuvy's Leavings. Not one to be outdone, you quickly follow him.
  • Much to Thancred's surprise, Nuvy's Leavings is not completely deserted. This promising turn of events prompts Thancred to head straight into the mine in search of Guthjon.
  • Despite the poor lighting of the mines, you manage to find Guthjon, alone in a dark corner taking inventory. You explain why you have come, but his response is as Thaffe expected. Nevertheless, he believes there may be one way for you to find what you are after. Before he divulges this secret of his trade, however, he asks a favor of you─to retrieve a Voeburt gold piece he dropped somewhere in the mine. Thancred reluctantly agrees in your stead, but it seems he has a plan up his sleeve.
  • Searching in the dark for the Voeburt gold seems a hopeless endeavor until Thancred presents you with a bottle of sundrops. A drop in each eye and suddenly the mine appears much brighter and vibrant. Now able to see, you begin your search.
  • You can feel the effects of the sundrops waning when a glint in the dark catches your eye. You rush over to sift through the rocks and soon find yourself in the possession of a Voeburt gold piece.
  • Upon seeing the gold piece, Thancred is relieved to see that Lady Luck has finally deigned to acknowledge your efforts. One can only hope Guthjon will do the same.
  • Guthjon seems surprised at your return. More so when you hand him the gold piece he lost in the mines. Now that you have held up your end of the deal, he prepares to do the same.