VIIth Imperial Legion

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The VIIth Imperial Legion is one of the oldest Legions in the Garlean Empire, having existed since the days of the Garlemald Republic. This Legion has become legendary due to its ferocity in the campaigns against Ilsabard. It's first Legatus was the father of Nael van Darnus and Eula Darnus, and is considered a national hero.

Eula Darnus, under the guise of her now deceased brother, rose to the position of Legatus, winning scores of victories in Othard through brutal conquests, and rising to the vanguard of the Imperial Legion in Eorzea. Following the death of The White Raven, the Legion still continued on, gathering on Carteneau to prevent any from tampering with the transmitter pulling Dalamud as the Legatus' final wish. They engaged in the Battle of Carteneau, and were almost entirely wiped out during the Seventh Umbral Calamity.