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Your PvP rank is increased by gaining PvP PvP Experience through PvP participation. For each rank you gain, you used to earn 1 Action Point which could be used to learn PvP Actions. However AP was removed with Patch 4.0. Your PvP Rank was also compared to the opponent's to determine the PvP PvP EXP and Wolf Mark Wolf Marks earned in The Wolves' Den, as well as to determine player matching for PvP Duties (That is, it would attempt to keep the average PvP rank of each team as close as possible). Ranked matches now use a separate, dedicated rating system.

A certain PvP rank used to be required to equip some PvP-related equipment. This was also discontinued with the release of Stormblood. All PvP Gear may be bought and used at rank 1.

On the whole, since the patch 4.0 overhaul, PvP rank continues to exist as a way to earn achievements and titles.